The Incredible Calzone Dolce®

The first Calzone Dolce®

In 1995, after a short series of experiments, the Italian Chef Gian Luca Barlucchi together with his friend, the Italian-Australian pizza Chef Dino Boni, created the first, real Calzone Dolce® in the wood burning oven of the first Bandanna® Restaurant in Mykonos. The fantastic chocolate sauce (similar to Nutella®) warmed up by the heat of the fire, it melted perfectly, blending with the best quality mascarpone cheese, spreading evenly inside the “folded pizza” closed at the edges. The hot air made it swell making it take on the typical shape of a typical pizza calzone. The salted caramelization of the crust, in addition to helping to maintain the shape and beauty of the famous dessert, added an unmistakable taste that perfectly matched the dough of the unusual pizza and its filling.

As a result of this great success, the name Bandanna® Restaurant and Calzone Dolce® became synonymous with originality and goodness.

After the first calzone was created, many others followed...

Since the creation of the “first slice” there were no doubts: the Calzone Dolce® had to have a place on the menu. “I was so excited about this new creation! The scent of freshly baked bread in the wood burning oven, the aroma of roasted cocoa berries sweetened by hazelnuts and fresh milk flavored with raw vanilla beans was a fantastic combination that everyone deserved to try! “… The day after, this new dessert was on menu! In the beginning the feedback was far from encouraging: many customers had noticed the “new dish”, asked what it was, but the idea of ​​ordering a “pizza with chocolate” was frightening!

The name was not yet the definitive one and the description was not perfect and after 3 days not even one of this Calzone Dolces was sold! “It’s too good to give it up!” I said… so the menu was corrected: the name became Calzone Dolce with no description given! … The following day, a “Calzone Dolce Party” was announced: everyone stood watching the sunset, around a giant fire for an exceptional barbeque, dancing and eating together to end up with the mysterious Calzone Dolce® for everyone. It was a success! Days later Calzone Dolce® became the watchword of “food lovers” and since then a bigger success every year: thanks to the international clientele of the famous Cycladic Island, our dessert has been talked about around the world, getting very flattering awards.

More and more often we hear that Calzone Dolce® is the typical dessert of the island … and it is true that the only and original is only served in the Bandanna Restaurant of Mykonos!

Not just a dessert...

Calzone Dolce®, not just a dessert but the way to enjoy your life.

“The Magic” Calzone Dolce® another Italian invention that changed the World!

* Calzone Dolce® is a registered trademark of Gian Luca Barlucchi, Chef of the famous Bandanna® Restaurants in Mykonos and Gallo Nero® in Athens, Greece. With this mark the unique, original dessert is identified and served exclusively in the renowned local restaurants mentioned above.


Bandanna® Kalafatis


Bandanna Tourlos®


Gallo Nero®

*Nutella® is a registered trademark of Ferrero s.p.a. Italy